Anything Mandatory Creates Resentment


There is an interesting trend I’ve picked up.

Every time I have to do something, it instantly makes it less desirable.

For example: a scheduled meeting that you must attend.

It sits there on your calendar and stares at you.

Maybe it will be a short meeting, not a hassle at all.

Maybe you’ll have a couple of good conversations.

Or a great brainstorming session.

But the negativity comes from knowing you have to do it, whether you want to or not.

That block of time is occupied.

You’ll have to work around it to plan anything else.

It’s “mandatory”.

Activities that you choose to do, do not feel this way.

Something like reading an interesting book.

Nobody is quizzing you on its contents, or checking up on your progress.

Something like going to the weight room.

You don’t have to do it, and there are plenty of people who don’t.

No one is asking you to swim laps at the pool.

You actually pay to be able to do so.

You choose to spend your time.

You do it because you enjoy it.

You choose to do it.

Now, if you were a professional athlete, and you had to exercise…

Every day, for months, then you might begin to build that same resentment.

Anything that you absolutely have to do creates resentment.

For example:

Imagine a hearty meal.

Good, satisfying food, that you cannot wait to eat.

It may even be your favorite food.

What if you had to eat 10 of those meals?


What if you had to eat that meal twice a day, everyday?

That sounds great, for a few days.

However, over time, it becomes less appealing.

The trick to getting rid of resentment:

Take some responsibility.

You choose what you do, no matter how serious or “mandatory” it may seem.

Everything is a choice.

And through knowing that, you can begin to feel a lot better about your life.

You’re going to the office meeting because you choose so.

You could always not go.

Maybe you’ll be reprimanded.

Maybe you’ll get fired.

Then you’ll need to find another way to get food.

It all depends, but at the end of the day:

The choice is yours.

Enjoy your life.


Change your life.

So that you can enjoy your life.

All the Best.



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