Walk and Talk Episode 09: My Vision of Future Technological Innovations in the Next 20 Years and 2016 Featured Gear

What’s going on Walk and Think Audience?

It’s that time again. Time for winter holidays. Time for cold, snow, overcast skies and reflection. 2016 is coming to a close and I can, without a doubt, say 2016 has been the most challenging year of my life, as well as the most productive.

However, let’s not dwell in the past. Like someone once said, the future belongs to those that show up.

Tonight, I’ll be recording a podcast about technological advance I see happening in next 20 years, which you can listen to above or here.

Walk and Talk Podcast Intro: Game Balance – Brave People

Check out all his other work here.

The UBER “Elevate” VTOL project files can be found here. Mr. Money Mustache found these, and I got the link from his blog post.

2016 Best Personal Gear Picks

These are some items that I use daily, which have earned back the price I paid for them tenfold.

1.  Feiyue Martial Arts Shoe: Over the last decade I have owned 8 pairs of these. I have only used them for wrestling or jujitsu a few times. I mainly use them for living in. Imagine a more flexible converse chuck style shoe. I’ve used these for Parkour and climbing, which I don’t really recommend, as the grip isn’t as good as FiveTen’s Stealth Rubber. Use that for Climb ups and wall runs. I have done many miles of running in these, and I only recommend them on trail or grass, especially if you have impact problems with your feet(I do not, I’ve done 10 miles in blacktop in them, no problems.) The primary use of this shoe is for walking around in. They are thin and do not compress, which means they are great for heavy dead-lifting and squatting. They are $20-25 with shipping and last me between 3-6 months, depending on how aggressive the activities. Great show, has my vote of my most used shoe of 2016.

2. Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack: I didn’t choose this pack it chose me. When I was going through some military training, we were marched to the base shop and presented with two options, this pack or the 3 day pass(exactly the same pack, but smaller). Knowing damn well I would be carrying my weekly groceries in it, I chose the larger size, and it has served me well. The waist and chest straps help keeping it close to the body, and the dual aluminum stays help it disperse the weight evenly. It has endured 3 years of daily use. It is showing wear and tear, and I expect that. It’s been in a variety of temperatures and weather. I’ve stuffed it full of groceries, and sometimes weight plates. Any task, traveling, camping, carrying food, this pack has performed. I still use it daily, and will continue to do so until it fails.

3. Patagonia Capilene 2 Light Weight Long sleeve: I purchased this light long sleeve shirt from Backcountry.com at a steep discount, something like 75% off. I would never have paid the ridiculous price for it, which was something like $60. What it is: This is a very light ling sleeved top, with a half zipper. Made from 90% polyester 10% spandex, and is designed to be worn next to skin. It is a base layer, and living in a hot climate, has been all I wear on day hikes and camping trips. I’ve worn it for cycling, lifting, running, anything. It dries quickly and sits well. I wouldn’t recommend buying this full price – at all, it IS overpriced, instead, look for sales or go to local thrift store and look for polyester or wool long sleeves.

4. Black Zippo Lighter: Nice little lighter. I use this when camping mostly. I like the metal construction, and that the lighter stays lit without holding down a lever. Nothing special, just a regular zippo, it’s seen a lot of use this year, so it goes on the list.

5. Leatherman surge: Good sturdy multi tool, which come in handy many times. The “surge” version is a larger size leather man, which to me feels a little sturdier than the regular one. I carry this or Swiss army knife in the pack at all time. Has pliers, scissors, knife and screwdriver, which is just about all you need for general work.

6. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker: Instead of a sound bar or a surround sound setup, I use this little speaker for enhancing media sound. Much better sound than standard speakers on a cellphone or a laptop, louder max volume. Bluetooth, no wires. Again, I got this item on sale and would not pay full price. Next time, to save money, I would get this one instead.

7. Quo Vadis Planner: Best layout for a daily planner/journal I have found. Comfortable to write in, simple, no frills. I write in it daily or weekly, and looking back, I wish all my planners were this nice.

Hope you enjoyed the list, comment below with your own top gear picks of 2016, Until Next Time, and

All The Best.