Walk and Think Audio Debut: Presenting the First Walk and Talk Podcast

Welcome to Walk and Talk!

The Podcast Hosted by: Operative A.

Audio Content of the Walk and Think Army.

The Broadcast about Urban Exploration, Wilderness Stealth Camping, Minimalist Living, Solitude and Adventure.

What’s going on Walk and Think audience?

I just created a Podcast for WaT, so that we have a way of posting Audio Content for you guys.

The first episode was short, and I covered what Microphone I am using, which program for editing, and which company for hosting.

Listen to the Audio above or read the full transcript text below.

What’s going in Walk and Think Audience?

This is the First Walk and Talk Podcast, and in this podcast I will be covering all the methods I use to produce this podcast.

What I use for a program, for hosting, for a microphone, we’ll cover all of that.

I’ll talk about a mini GoPro clone that I bought recently, and talk about what this show is going to be about and why I’m doing this show in the first place.

So, Why?

Why do a Podcast?

Well, on my own time, I listen to lots of Podcasts, I listen to hundreds of hours of other peoples podcasts, and I was thinking:

Why don’t I host my own Podcast?

I view lots of websites → So I created my own website.

I view lots of videos on YT → And now I also Upload Videos.

So, whatever it is you consume, whether it be websites, podcasts, videos, doesn’t matter…

You should also look to create those things.

Just to get a feel for what it’s like, and just to make something, create something yourself.

So, the first thing about Podcasting, when you start podcasting, is:

Your voice sounds weird.

A lot of people experience this, when you record yourself on your cellphone, it sound off, it sounds odd.

And that’s the same thing that I’m going through right now, is my voice sounds different than what I think I sound like.

So, there’s two things you can do for that, to sounds better. The #1 thing you can do is:

Get a Microphone – specifically for Podcasting or recording Voice.

If you’re using a cheap microphone on a set of headphones or your laptop, or on your cellphone, of course you’re going to sound weird.

I mean, it’s a cheap mic, it’s not meant to sound deep, or low, or well. Now, so you gotta get a microphone if you’re going to record a podcast.

The microphone I ended up getting was the Samson Meteor.

Now, my buddy has a Snowball, Snowballs are great, they sound great, I did not get a Snowball because a Samson Meteor is much smaller.

Snowballs are big, they are a pretty decent size, and I wanted something a little bit smaller, that I could pack away, that would take up less space, that would be more mobile.

So, I got the Samson Meteor. So far, not disappointed at all. Solidly built, it’s a little heavy, metal mic, condenser mic, sounds good on all the recording I’ve reviewed on it.

So, what do I use for a Mic? Samson Meteor.

The Second thing you can do to sound better on a microphone is hold is close to you when you’re speaking.

Hold it a lot closer than you usually would, we’re not talking a foot away or 6 inches away, right now I am holding the microphone, an inch away, maybe half an inch form my face.

So, you don’t have to speak very loudly, the microphone will pick you up a lot better if you are holding it close to your face.

So, get a good microphone, and when you’re speaking, hold it close to you, so it pick up the sound better, and you sound clearer, the voice sounds deeper, and it just sounds better in general.

A lot of people purchase a microphone stand, so they don’t have to hold the microphone. I’m ok with holding the microphone, I don’t want to have to pack a microphone stand if I’m going different places, so, just hold the mic close.

Next, you have to record the audio. So what program do I use to record? Well, I use Audacity, I don’t have a lot of experience editing audio, I’ve done a little bit of video editing, but I have not done lots of audio.

And Audacity is a free program, it’s available, anybody can buy it, so there is no down side. If I want to get a different program later, I can always do that.

So, Samson Meteor Mic, Audacity, next, you need to upload your podcast to be able to embed it into the websites, or share links, things like that, so you need a podcast host.

When I was looking for Podcast hosts, I ran into a couple of good companies, but my top two choices were SoundCloud and LibSyn.

Now, everybody knows about SoundCloud, what about LibSyn? Why do I use LibSyn?

Well, I listen to podcasts on my own, and these well established guys who have over a hundred podcasts(episodes) each, they say:

If you were to go back and do it again, would you still use soundcloud?

And they said No, they said they would use LibSyn, so I said, Ok. I might as well start up on the right foot, and use LibSyn from the beginning, so that’s what I  have.

So, Program→Audacity, Host→LibSyn, Microphone→Samson Meteor Mic.

Now, another thing I bough, that is not specifically for podcasting is a lil mini GoPro knockoff, it’s a LightDow LD6000, or a SJ7000, and it’s just a little gopro clone. As we know, GoPros are pretty expensive, they are $200, $300, $400, a LightDow was much cheaper than that.

1080p, 30fps, good little camera, it’s light, definitely wearable, and the reason I wanted this camera is so I would be free to work with my hands while filming.

And the only complaint I have is it struggles in Low-Light conditions, but that’s all cameras. All the lower end and smaller cameras do struggle in low light conditions, so that’s not a big issue at all.

I’ll just get a Brighter headlamp or a flashlight, and for Urban Exploration it will be perfectly fine.

So, this blog is to produce Audio content, we have a website, we have video, now we have audio.

And I want to bring guests unto this and it’s going to be mainly for guests. To sit down and talk with a couple of people, who have experience in certain areas.

And bring the information to you guys. We’ll be covering Urban Explorations, Stealth camping, Wilderness Camping, Book Reviews, Strength training.

Any king of thing that you see on WalkandThink.com, you can expect to hear about on the Walk and Talk Podcast. Well, that’s about it. That sums it up for today, thanks for being here, see you next time.

Thanks for Listening, and Until Next Time!

All the Best.



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