Urban Exploration Series: Old Water Tower Climb


Operative: A

Group: Solo

Location: Abandoned Water Tower

I recently came across an old water tower while roaming around.

It has been out of use and unmaintained for years.

Rust covered parts of the structure, heaviest at the top.

A stamp on one of the beams indicated something like 1965 as the build date.

I climbed it I think 1.5 years ago when me and agent Curtis were out hiking.

It was stable back then, and it seemed fairly stable now.

Might as well give it another go.

The only sketchy part is the highly rusted bit of ladder at the top, which I didn’t trust back then and don’t trust now.

Other than that the structure was stable and a blast to climb around on.

Builderers die when the environment fails. Remember this truism.

It’s not a failure of their skill.

It’s not a failure or muscular strength or endurance.

When climbers die, something else usually fails.

It could be the gear. Something like a rope gets cut or tears.

Or a chunk or rock breaks off.

Or an old structure collapses.

Maybe that gutter or pipe you are holding on to breaks.

One time I was climbing a fence and flew off of it.

I got up, and was still holding a piece of it in my hand.

Adventurers Die when the Environment Fails.

As I was climbing this old water tower, this was what I was thinking.

That’s why it all comes down to intuition.

Your gut feeling is everything.

Now, this tower was no monster, nothing crazy.

Wasn’t anything compared to the serious one me and operative ornery T did a few years ago.

That thing was massive, and I wish I had footage (I may return there, and do it again, with a camera this time for you guys.)

I was doing this one just to stretch the muscles.

The physical muscles and the metal ones.

One question is this: Why do the small, easy climbs?

Just for practice, that’s why. Just to get the coordination, and stretch the muscles.

I don’t consider myself above any Exploration or climb.

This tower was maybe 3 stories with an easily accessible rungs and an open gate (the fence has collapsed in). Maybe 3.5 stories if, counting the top water tank, but I didn’t get there.

 If the top of the structure was in better shape, I would have ventured up there and taken a few pics of the top.

I just don’t trust the rusty ladder, and my gut tells me no.

 Intuition is everything, and you have to listen.

See below for pics.

Until next time,

All the Best.



(Fence has collapsed and gate is wide open)


(Climbing rungs easily accessible for operative A, I was about half way up in this photo)


(Highest point I climbed to, look at that sketchy rust ladder, and rusty water tank)