Ninjalicious and the Infiltration Zine


Let’s Talk About Infiltration, and its creator: Ninjalicious.

Ninjalicious aka Jeff Chapman.

I came to know about this adventurer and his website after purchasing a book about urban exploring on amazon in early 2010.

I enjoyed reading the book, picked up a few tips, and it was a great buy. I left it behind while moving, however, just bought another copy, which is being shipped to my base of operations soon.

It’s a great site, and he’s good writer, and a real adventurer.

Not one of those has-beens.

The only thing wrong with ninja and his site is: He’s Dead.

Ninjalicious died on Tuesday, August 23, 2005 from a failing liver and an incurable cancer.

Anyhow, the reason I bring up this particular site is because it inspired Walk and Think.

There are many sites that influenced WaT, however is at the top of the list.

I enjoy the content on Infiltration, and the layout of the posts/writing style.

I plan to post on WaT is a similar fashion, with recaps of various adventures and a few good pics.

I am looking to produce focused and personal content.

Things like mission tips and real how-to’s.

But I don’t want to limit this site with any specific niche.

I’ll write whatever I want to write, and post whatever I want to post.

It just so happens I like UrbEX and Backpacking, so I’ll write on those.

But the essence of WaT, the real innermost core is to help people live an adventurous life.

Until Next Time, and

All the Best.



(Rest in peace Jeff)

Update: My second copy of the book is on the way, and I am re-reading the site over, as a refresher. I will be writing a review of the book, and the site in a future posts, so stay tuned!

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