Organic Creation: Outlets for Pure Creativity


What’s going on Walk and Think Audience.

A here, back after a few unproductive days due to illness.

Around a week of low productivity, as my main focus was recovering quickly, and being able to function.

Doesn’t matter, as I am feeling A-OK now, so let’s begin:

What are the most organic forms of creation?

Through which outlets does creativity flow?

How to create something from nothing?

Three ways:

#1. Writing

In my opinion, everything starts with writing. Until you write something down, it’s just an idea, which is easily forgotten. Some seemingly urgent distraction can come up, and there goes the idea. Once you write something down, you can always look back on it and build on the idea, without forgetting.

For example, someone has an idea for a story. They write down the idea. Later they sit down and write out a short story. After developing the characters and the story world a bit more, they write a book.

They self-publish the book, or go to a publishing house. The book ends up picking up momentum. Or not. Most books fail. For the purposes of this example, the book was a success.

Now a director approaches the author with an offer for a movie.

Or a game design team wants to build a video game based on the story world.

Maybe someone wants to do a play about the book.

All starts with an idea.

Someone had an idea, and they don’t dismiss it.

They write it down, they remember it, they work on it, they dwell on it.

Maybe they take action right away, maybe they don’t.

But consider this:

Everything we have around us, at this time, was once an idea.

Every invention, every piece of media.

Some newer ideas, such as laptops or smartphones gained momentum during our time.

Older things, like running water, were just as novel back then, are common now.

Point is everything we have was once an idea a person had.

Look at the Harry Potter books.

They are now movies, video games, merchandise, you name it.

Those did not exist until J. K. Rowling sat down with an idea and an old manual typewriter in 1995.

Writing is the purest form of creation in my opinion.

We’ve come a long way from hieroglyphs on stone tablets. We have ergonomic keyboards, speech to text software, and the internet.

Now, on to:

#2. Art

For the purposes of art, we’ll include painting, drawing, sculpting, bodybuilding, movement arts(acrobatics) and photography.

Taking a blank canvas and painting something requires creativity.

Drawing something on a blank sheet requires creativity.

Bringing a sculpture out of stone requires that same creative vision.

Moving your body in a creative way is also art.

Some free-runner guys say: “My body is my paintbrush”

Martial artists know the skill required for elaborate movements.

Art, more so than writing, requires specific skill.

Sure writing well does require some literacy, however, that’s much easier than painting well.

To put ideas into existence using various arts, you must cultivate the skill.

Otherwise what you produce will look like slop, and not match the mental vision you have.

Ever made something in pottery class, and then later looked at it thinking:

“What the hell is that? Who made that garbage?”

It takes skill, it takes time, however it is pure creation.

You have to hone your chosen art, and eventually, you can translate your thoughts and ideas into reality, clearly and accurately.

Last but not least:

#3. Music

Composing music is definitely a form of creation, although a difficult one. It takes knowledge of an instrument, reading sheet music, knowing structure.

It may seem like composing music is reserved for a few gifted individuals, to whom it seems to come to naturally.

Let me tell you 99.9% of the time that’s bullshit.

Really the whole idea of naturals, or things coming naturally to people.

The real truth is they worked their ass off from a very young age.

People regularly downplay the effort.

I know, because there are areas where I downplay my own effort.

I just shrug it off and say no big deal.

Truth is:

There are days when the artist doesn’t want to sit down and play the piano for 6 hours.

Doesn’t matter, because they do it anyway.

Eventually they create something great, but the work isn’t mentioned.

It’s that way with everything. There will be days you don’t want to work. There will be days you don’t want to train.

That resistance is a good thing through. It means you are getting close to the next level.

So there you have it: Writing, Art, Music

The three forms of organic creation.

All the Best.



2 thoughts on “Organic Creation: Outlets for Pure Creativity”

  1. I’ve had ideas I never wrote down. Stuff I think about often. I don’t know if they’ll if be something special, but writing them down would be a good start.

    1. Write them all down my friend. It will honestly help you to realize whether you should pursue them or not. Paper is cheap, pens are abundant. Just jot them down, and get them off your mind. Much worse to forget them and lose them. Thanks for reading Shraf. All the Best.

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