Kill Your Television: Eliminate Passive Entertainment


One of many things you can to do increase adventure and fulfillment in your life,

and reduce the monotony of the day to day grind is:

Turn off the TV.

There is nothing that is keeping more intelligent people sitting on the couch than television.

This isn’t to say I never used to watch TV myself. I used to be the biggest consumer of passive entertainment of them all(well, maybe).

I had a big TV, lots of services, and a game console hooked up. I kept it up for a few months, but the shoe doesn’t fit.

Every time, after watching a few episodes of this or that show, or playing a video game, I would snap out of it and think:

It’s already this late?

No adventure has been had. No exercises completed. No learning happened. No cleaning done.


When you watch TV time flies by. As soon as you pick up that remote and click the power button, shutting off the TV you’ll notice an immediate change: Time.

You will have more time. And the first sign of more free time and progress toward a life of adventure is this:


Of course you are bored.

In my opinion people learn to be bored in school.

They sit you down in that chair and drone on about who knows what nonsense. And you sit there and you’re bored.

Boredom is learned.

Show me a little kid who is bored. You won’t find one… Until they are forced to sit in one place and “behave”.

They will crawl/run/climb/move/learn in anyway possible.

They will dig in the dirt, break stuff, climb a tree, get dirty, and eventually get hungry and tired, and proceed to eat and go to sleep.

Simple – and productive.

Kids don’t get bored until they are repeatedly told “NO” day in – day out, year after year.

By the time you’re an adult, and there are considerably less people who can shout “NO” at you, however, you’re already be so wore down that you’re just looking to avoid being hassled…

…and Looking for an escape.

Entertainment is more than happy to provide you with that.

Just to Relax. To Unwind. Don’t Think.

(Add in a few cocktails to really not think)

It’s safe, abundant, cheap, and cleverly tailored to every taste/personality. It can be as simple or sophisticated as you want it to be.

Time will fly.

You won’t be bored.

You can show up to work the next day and rave about the latest episode on (insert show name here).

Entertainment is created to snare your attention and to be dramatic. What do you hear about a realistic show? “It’s boring!” Passive entertainment can completely replace adventure. All the excitement and none of the discomfort and risk.

But there’s only one problem…

It isn’t fulfilling, in the long term.

Passive entertainment is not fulfilling, and here’s why: Every show you can watch, every game you can play…

Has been written by someone else and served up to you in an easy-to-watch way.

You know the feeling. When you finish a show or a game…

What now?

Inevitable, every time, when I get carried away with a video game or a show, all progress stops.

I’m wasting time.

And time is not something to be wasted.

You have two things to play with in this life:

Time and Money

Time. Time comes first because you only have a limited amount. In 100 years we’ll all be good and gone.

Memento Mori – means remember your mortality.

Monks used to keep human skulls on their writing desks, as they seemed to have a powerful clarifying effect on ones priorities.

Money. Money is used to buy Freedom.

Unless you can hunt, fish, and farm all your own food(10x harder than a full time job), you will need money.

Unless you have built a cabin with your own two hands, in the woods(seriously have considered it), then you will need money for housing.

Let’s think of passive entertainment in terms of Time and Money.

It wastes both.

Time is wasted, as you are just sitting there. Sure, you may be entertained, however you are physically only sitting there, looking at a glowing rectangle. You’re pressing buttons on a remote or controller.

Money is wasted in two ways. If you are occupied with passive entertainment you are: 1. Not making money 2. Paying for the cable/TV service/Game service. Entertainment is expensive. If the industry didn’t make the producers money, it wouldn’t exist.

So if I’m not enjoying passive entertainment, WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Glad you asked.

Self-Improvement. Learning.

As soon as you shut off that TV, your head will be filled with noise. All sorts of stuff will come up to the surface.


Solve Them.

Things to take care of.

Do them.

Things you have been putting off.

Buy some books.

As Will Smith said: “The Keys to Life are Running and Reading”

And he’s exactly right.

Whatever problems you have, someone else has already solved and wrote about it in a book.

Learn something new about a topic of interest you have.

Anything you could possibly be interested in, 100% guarantee there are other who are interested as well.

At the end of the day, you will be wiser and more fulfilled.

Go out for a long walk.

Walk and Think.

Pursue Adventure.

All The Best.