How to Rebuild Your Golden Age


What is a Golden Age?

A Golden Age is when you feel on top of the world.

Everything just seems to line up for you.

Things are going great.

Everyone’s been there.

A Golden Age is when you feel like you are at your peak.

Not just in one area, like fitness or finances, but in all areas.

You’re smashing through plateaus left and right.

You’ve built up incredible forward momentum.

Making steady progress on multiple fronts.

A great time of being absolutely on fire.

And it’s amazing.


It Ends.

Something comes up.

Maybe a big expense.

Maybe an injury.


And then it seems, all of a sudden, you’re past your prime.

It’s inevitable right?

Maybe you’re at your peak now.

Maybe it was years ago.

You look back on those times as the:

“The Good Old Days”

And you compare your life now to those times.

And you begin to wonder:

Am I ever going to be in that same place?

That place where I was at my best?

And felt indestructible?

Did I burn myself out?

Am I getting too old?

Did the ship sail?

Can I rebuild?

The answer is: YES.

You can be there again.

If you want to be.

It can be broken down to a science.

Identify the components that created your Golden Age…

…and reverse engineer them.

Then create actionable steps.

So you can return to your best state.

You just do it and that’s it.

You just decide.

You see, it’s all in the details.

It’s all in the fine print.

Lean in close and really look:

When was I Happiest?

Most Productive?

Least Stressed?


And go from there.

I’m going to give you the formula.

It’s Easy – Peasy.

To live at your peak you have to examine the following factors:

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Financial.

Component #1: Physical Prowess

This is about general health. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Take a good look at your diet and exercise habits, because that is the basis for everything.

Component #2: Mental State

This is about learning. Creativity and Mental Clarity. Have you read anything interesting lately? Learned a new skill? Are you sharp and focused or hazy and dull? Is your living space neat and organized or stuffy and cluttered?

Component #3: Emotional Health

This is about relationships. Are you on good terms with the important people in your life? Do you laugh often? Are you happy and carefree or anxious? On the average day, are in a good mood?

Component #4: Financial Situation

This is about stability: Having enough resources for rent, food, and necessities. After that, it’s having enough resources to pursue your goals.

How things go wrong:

A neglected component slips through the cracks, and soon brings your golden age to an end.

It can look like this:

Physical: Low, Mental: Medium, Emotional: Low, Financial: High

This could be a career oriented professional, who earns good money, however, has neglected other parts of life.

Another example:

Physical: Max, Mental: Medium, Emotional: Low, Financial: Low

This could be a depressed bodybuilder, who is physically at his peak, but in the slumps on other components. There’s no balance.

To do this right you have to get real with yourself.

Objectively analyze where you’re at.

Don’t be narcissistic and pretend to be perfect in everything.

But don’t be down on yourself either.

Give yourself some credit, you’ve made it this far.

Get all your components to a good, steady place.

“But A, humans are too complex for everything in their lives to run smoothly at once!”

That’s not true.

You can keep everything at a steady medium level, and then focus on one or two specific things to improve to a high level.

Here’s how you Rebuild:

Physical Improvement: Everything rolls off exercise.

It can clear your head, and is cheap/free.

Running is free, calisthenics are free.

The only cost is effort.

Make small improvements, bit by bit.

Maybe a slightly longer run.

Maybe 5lb more on the barbell.

Doesn’t have to be a huge improvement.

Small increments over time.

Eat a little cleaner, it makes a difference.

Cultivate an Active Mental State: The Key here is learning.

Learn an easy skill.

Read about something you’ve always been curious about, doesn’t matter what it is.

If you are holding on to information, share it.

Get it off your mind.

Keeping a clean living space is a great way to stay sane.

Be Emotionally Healthy: Reconnect with old friends.

Maybe someone you lost touch with.

Send that text or email to them.

Who knows, they may be happy to hear from you.

Take good care of your appearance.

Looking good puts you in a good mood.

Be Financially Sound: Save a little dough.

Stash a little cash.

Improve your finances, and you will feel like a million bucks.

A lot of worry can go away, if you know you have a few bucks saved up.

Key to the golden age: After all aspects are evened out, begin to focus and specialize on the ones that bring you the most fulfillment.

It could be building better relationships.

It could be business.

It could be fitness.

Don’t let the others slip, though, as they are your base.

Keep it up for a while and…


You’re at your peak!

All the Best




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  1. Nice pic from the incline and I think you could possibly even create content from expanding on each of those 4 components in some way.

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