Action is Better than Theory: Self-Improvement vs. Self-Actualization

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I’ll credit Good Looking Loser with his idea of: Action > Theory

As in, stop the analysis paralysis, research you use to stall, to avoid taking action, and just do it.

Knowing something theoretically through a book or a video is completely different than actually doing it yourself. No matter how much studying you do, until you do something yourself, it hardly matters. One example for me was starting a fire using a ferro rod. It was not at all as simple as it seemed.

So, let’s break it down into what the two are:

Self-Improvement: Physical Training, Reading, Aesthetics, Reflection, Planning, Preparedness, Research, asking questions.


Self-Actualization: Taking action, Learning by doing, Leaving comfort zone, going into something you’ve always wanted to try with zero know how and zero preparation, knowing the timing won’t feel right – and doing it anyway.

You can build up a capable body, learn from books, look your best, however if you do use it, what’s the point?

Think of someone who learns how to read sheet music, but never plays an instrument.

It’s become clear to me, that going into something, and doing it will yield faster and better results than reading 20 books about it.

Next best thing to doing something is learning from someone who is experience in person. You will learn more in a few minutes with a good instructor than you will out of a great book.

One idea that applies to this as well is: The Rule of Everyday

View it as practice, but you have to do it every day. Even if it’s for 2 minutes. Right now I am practicing a straight bar hanging leg raise, as outlined by Pavel in his “hard-style” method. There is no momentum, and the tension on the core and lats is insane. I am far from being able to perform this feat perfectly, due to many weak areas(Hamstring flexibility, anterior pelvic tilt, Lat strength, fore arm strength) the point is to practice.

And so it goes with taking action, for self actualization.

Self actualization is your mental image, your vision becoming a reality.

Self actualization is at the very top of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Once your basic necessities like food, shelter, and safety are covered, you need to strive to bring your vision to reality, or you will be drifting around unhappy.

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All the Best.


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