Warbonnet Outdoors BlackBird XLC Hammock Review!

What’s going on my friends?

  Today we will be looking over the Warbonnet Outdoors BlackBird Hammock. Specifically, using the WBBB Hammock for backpacking, as a replacement to the old school sleeping bag and pad setup.

For anyone looking to get into Hammock camping or “Hanging” My 1st piece of information is always: Read “The Ultimate Hang” by Hansen. That book covers every aspect of gear and setup.

My 2nd piece of advice is: Make as much of your gear as possible yourself, and then buy the more complicated stuff after a few trips. What I mean by this, is, making your own top quit out of an old sleeping bag or even a wool blanket is doable. Making a tarp is doable. Sowing a fancy hammock may not be doable, but many other parts of the setup are.

Featured in the video above is yours truly, setting up my hammock for a quick overnight stay in the woods.

The Warbonnet Outdoors BlackBird Hammock has some features that I haven’t seen in others. I’m talking about the foot box and the shelf. The foot box makes diagonal lay easier and reduces the calf ridge. The shelf has been extremely useful, and eliminated any need for a ridge-line organizer. I just put everything into the shelf. The sown in bug net allows me to sleep worry free. Ants and other curious insects can craw up the tree and down the straps, into your hammock without a bug net. Mosquitos can ruin a trip as well.

Accessories: Possibly looking to get the wind sock for it once I start camping on mountain-side more, in Colorado. Also may make a shield for the under quilt, to decrease splashing from ground while in heavy rain.

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