Walk and Talk Episode 06: Using Music to Enhance Performance

And we’re back, welcome to the Walk and Talk Podcast!

I recently sent out a survey to the Walk and Think mailing list(you can join on the sidebar) and one of the questions was, what kind of content would you like to seen more of? What do you want more of? Posts? Podcasts? Videos?

The survey is still open, and you can take it here. I’ll close it in a few days.

The highest response was: More Podcast Episodes.

So, here we go, we’re going to do a podcast tonight!

First thing to discuss, is the new All Post Archives Page. The list of posts was getting long, and navigating to the older posts was becoming difficult… Until, after user feedback, I created the Archive Page!

It is a scrolling list of all posts on the site, by month, in descending order. It is now located on the sidebar.

The All Post Archive Page.

Walk and Talk Episode 06 will be about: Using Music to Enhance Performance!

Listening to music can increase performance… and decrease it.

We cover why you should listen to aggressive music while cycling and lifting. And why you should not listen to music while running and exploring.

We also talk about how podcasts and audio-books can save time, for learning, the time otherwise burned in commuting.

Listen to the full episode above or here.

The Distance and Discipline series, or my research on Distance running can be read here:

D&D Part 01 – D&D Part 02 –  D&D Part 03

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