3 Reasons Why Walk and Think is Going to Develop Momentum and What’s in Store for Us


Recently I was out cycling some long miles, and my mind started to drift, as it does when you’re tired and doing a repetitive task over and over(cranking pedals).

I began thinking of all the reasons why Walk and Think will inevitably gain momentum.

Maybe not next week, maybe not next year, but who cares.

Anybody can talk about success, but no one can guarantee it.

A lot of factors come into play, and only a few of those are in your personal control.

Now, those factors which are in your control, you line those up, based on your vision.

So here is why I see Walk and Think killing it:

#1.  I am going produce the content that I wished was available, when I myself was looking for it.

I still see young A, on his dusty win 98 PC, frantically looking up random crap on search engines(plural, google wasn’t king back then).

I got this PC for $20 at a garage sale. The modem was a gift from a friend. The internet service I was using, was one of those deals where you register an account, and you get 10 hours of free internet.

Needless to say… I made many accounts.

I wasn’t really sure what exactly I was looking for online.

Looking back, I was looking for validation. Some kind of in-group, that would allow me to know – hey, you’re not crazy!

Some kind of group that would say:

It’s OK not to enjoy activities everyone is raving about.

It’s OK to live with a lot less than most people.

It’s OK to do things like stealth camping.

It’s OK to explore urban environments.

I suppose it didn’t matter, because I went ahead and did those things anyway, without any need for approval. It just would have been helpful, and possibly accelerated my progress.

So I am here to do that, and say, for those people who don’t know – yes you can do what you want to.

It’s just a way of giving back.

The content will come along, all by itself.

Key is just to keep going on and doing things.

I’ll go along, and as I learn myself, I’ll post.

I don’t believe in being a has-been.

What is a has-been?

It someone who sounds like this: “Oh I used to this” “Oh I used to that” “Oh back in my day” “Oh you young guns, things done changed” Blah Blah Blah…

I don’t believe in that. You should be involved with what you’re doing, on some level, no matter your age or situation.

It’s impossible to be helpful if you’re not actively improving as well.

Another thing:

I won’t force myself to write here, I’ll do it when I want to. Not that it feels like work anyway. I think about this stuff whether I wanted to or not, or whether someone paid me to/not to think about it.

I see people trying to grind out content, and it doesn’t work that way.

Ideas don’t work that way, creativity doesn’t work that way.

You just have to be open, or “on” and let the ideas come to you.

If you don’t distract yourself with nonsense, you’ll hear them.

If you’re not too busy or stressed, you’ll hear the ideas.

You kinda let them come to you, like a cat would.

Don’t try to grab at them, or you’ll scare ’em off.

#2. No BS ads, pop-ups and site laggers, and unnecessary trash.

I hate viewing something I didn’t select.

Some websites, especially on video steaming sites, like to load the AD before the video.

You click on a video, and are forced to watch random, non related content about this product or service or that.

I didn’t click to watch an ad, I want to see the titled video.

I was recently checking out some sites with medical information, and the site was so bogged down with ads, it was unusable.

I was on a phone, and the ads were resizing the screen over and over to fit all the banners in.

You would try to close a pop up and miss the X, because the whole thing was jumping around so much.

You fight through a bunch of ads until you can actually read something, and then it’s only half the info, and you have to click “next page” and reload all the adds.

Not here, not ever.

Read an article about this here.

Some site do not have ads. If you can find a site that brings you good info without the ads, you’re on to something. They are very few, but are worth it.

I think I counted 7 sites that I frequent, and they do not have ads. Most of them do sell something, like a book or services, however, it is not intrusive. At all.

It’s just an image off to the side, and nobody is asking you to click it, if you don’t want to.

Some don’t even have that. What they all have is information. All of them deliver value – free. They are built simply and elegantly, without excess crap on the page.

There are no ridiculous claims, and no flashing colors.

And those sites are massively successful.

To be the best you learn from the best and that’s it.

So, no, you are not going to find this type of garbage on Walk and Think.

#3. I write for my small circle.

This site isn’t tailored for a major audience.

Which is exactly why it will develop one with time.

My writing is personal, I write for my people, I answer the comments.

It’s a responsive community, and that is why others from the outside will keep peeking in to see what we are up to.

It’s interesting to look from the outside in, anonymously.

Eventually they’ll comment or get involved in some way, but that’s not the end goal of it.

The goal of it is to write for the individual reader.

Transparency is key.

People can tell when you’re full of it, or have Mr. cool dude syndrome.

The internet doesn’t need anymore of that.

It needs real people with real information.

That’s why this group is coming with me.

We’re gonna go together and grow together.

I don’t expect all of us to be the same in 1 year, in 2 yeas, or in 5, that would be madness.

Everything will just keep moving forward – that’s how this game works.

So welcome aboard!

All the Best.