Walk and Think: Urban Explorer

What’s going on Walk and Think audience?

A here, with another UrbEx video for you.

In this video analysis, we will break down the video, piece by piece and figure out what’s going on with everything.

But first, my favorite question: Why?

Why do all this strange, potentially dangerous stuff?

Why not just do the same things everyone else does, and be safe?


Well, if I did the same thing everyone else does, I would be just like everyone else, because you are what you do, day in, day out.

What I want to be, is something a little different.

I want to be a resourceful person, who, just when you think they are out of options, will come through with something no one expected.

I want to be a creative person, who always has something new going on, has ideas, and doesn’t rely on current trending media stories for ideas.

I want to have a story to tell, on my deathbed. Something more that: “Oh, you know, I worked hard for most my life, and did all the right things, and everything turned out decent.” No thank you. I’ll have something more interesting than that.

Now, let’s get to the video:

#1 Climb is a bridge, that goes over a road, meant for pedestrian traffic. You see me climbing the side of the structure, roughly 3 stories or so, using the steel beams and chain link fencing.

Now, the chain-link fence, while a little tricky to grip, was very sturdy, and I didn’t worry for second.

#2 Climb is a Goodwill, which I climbed during non-work hours. The roof was nothing special, I just wanted to check it out. This is a good example of using multiple levels of a place to climb up.

I used the railing, then a storage container, then a lower level, then the top level. It was like playing Super Mario, except easier.

#3 Climb is a billboard, which was tall as hell. The thing was fairly rusty, although easy to climb. There was a bit of sway due to windy conditions, nothing serious.

I decided to attack it from the non-ladder side, for a challenge, and then climbed back down the ladder side. And that’s that.

#4 Climb is a plumbing and pipe factory. They make custom pipes and other metalwork in there, as far as I know. It is a multi level structure, and lot’s of fun to climb. There are plenty of pipes and ladders to use.

I went up the low side, with a short gas pipe, as short dash across the roof, unto a ladder, then unto the roof.

After enjoying the view for a bit, I went down the tall side, down another gas pipe. There was also an electrical one which I used as a handhold on the way down.

After running across the parking lot, I went up the adjacent buildings(blue trimmed roofs) which are mostly empty rental spaces for businesses.

A bit more running, and I dismounted using some utility meters unto a green utility box.

#5 Billboard to Roof traverse. For my final party trick, I climbed a billboard near a local liquor store, enjoyed the view from the top, and went down the other side, to dismount unto the adjacent roof, and after a quick dash across, climb down.

That’s all for this segment, thanks for being here,

Until Next Time, and,

All the Best.


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