What’s The Deal With Walk and Think?


There are some questions as to why this site exists, what’s the point of this site, what I am writing about, who am I writing for, what to expect in the future…

This is what it is, ok:

 The answer is simple:

This site is the Next Level.

Now, what do you mean next level?

I’ll tell you.


First, Let’s go all the way back, a whole bunch of years:

Young A started writing a journal.

Years later, while reviewing those journals, it was very clear several areas lacked development.

I needed some serious work, in many areas, and I knew it.

I was on a self-improvement kick, and read all the usual books.

Listened to all the usual advice.

Asked all the usual questions.

While studying said books, making the progress, making the changes…

I began sending out motivational texts.

At first to a few people.

Then to a few dozen people.

Then to everybody.

A few words here and there, sometimes motivational, sometimes encouraging.

Some new trick I learned here or there.

It feels great to pass things on as you learn – otherwise you stay stagnant.

It helps you just as much as the people you’re helping.

Now, this isn’t some selfless, Mr. Nice Guy nonsense.

Yes, a majority of people liked the quotes…

But there was something else to it.

People could expect to get the text, at the same time, every day.

Day after day.

Month after Month.

What I learned was consistency.

It built new relationships, and strengthened old ones.

I knew now, that it was possible to create something out of nothing.


To be a magician, and shape something new, everyday.

To walk around and pull something out of my sleeve.

And just when you’d think I was out of ideas, I’d go for a walk.

Something new would arise.

Ideas for things came to me at all hours of the day.

I would wake up at night, write down an idea, and go back to sleep.

But the texts were sent out at the same time everyday, no matter what.

It was consistent.


It felt like I’ve learned everything I could from mass texts.

I sent out a final text, to everyone.

It was a real and sentimental moment for me, but it wasn’t the end.

I was only preparing for: The Next Level.


The next step, at the time, was:

>AKAAF Official<

It was a chat room where we would all talk, from all over the world.

It wasn’t a large group, but it was a legit one.

We had good people.

We had jokes, we had rules.

We had standard greetings like:

“Welcome to AKAAF official, thanks for joining us tonight, Curtis.”

“No Hesitation. No Compromise. AKAAF official.”

It was fun – and responsive.

We kept on with the same message:



Talking things out.

Joking around.

Killing time.

Eventually AKAAF Official slowed down, and I knew that phase was over.

But that’s OK because…

I was working on something.


I knew it, and the guys knew it too.

I told them, AKAAF is old news, but something new is coming.

When AKAAF soon died down, due to timezone differences and unwanted guests…

…there was a pause.

But not an idle pause of no progress.

Something was in the works.

For a while, people were wondering what was next…

Now, a few individuals did know, what I was working on.

Something bigger, something better.

Better than mass texts.

Bigger than a chat room.

Something that would be:

The Next Level.

Now it’s here – up and running – and available.

This site may be barely a few weeks old, but that’s misleading.

It was in the works, in my mind, in my notes…

I was mining for information, alone in my own zone, a tunnel, like a miner, in a cave.

A miner, in a cave, with a pickaxe and a headlamp.

A miner who looks for gems and works obsessively to find them.

I too, was looking for gems.

My gems weren’t real gems, but I was a real miner.

My gems were information.

Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Anything, Everything.

The Internet is a Mine.

There are gems, but you have to work to find them.

I was thinking.

Then I realized this is it.

Walk and Think.

Welcome to the Next Level.

If you’re new – We’re Glad to Have You.

If you’re one of the old warriors from days past – Welcome Back.

Some of the old community is already here.

Some are on the way.


Some will wonder: “What the hell is this about, what’s going on with these posts, huh? What’s up with this guy, Who’s this guy ‘A’?”

“What’s he building here?”

My automatic response would be: Don’t worry about it.

My real response is: This is information.

Information I’ve learned by doing. Information from here, from there, from everywhere.

Anything inspirational. Anything motivational. Anything useful. Anything funny. Anything adventurous.

I don’t want to limit this site by writing a description, purpose, or mission statement.

Urban Exploration and Backpacking are likely future topics, but that’s not it.

Check it out, Its like this:

You Walk and You Think.

It’s what works best for me.

It’s the way to create ideas.

Ideas. Old ones, New ones, Rehashed ones, Don’t matter.

Maybe some of them will be useful, maybe they won’t.

Who knows. I just know there no reason not to share them.

Meanwhile, I’m putting on my headlamp, grabbing the pickaxe, and getting back to work.

If I find any gems – you’ll find them here.

So Stay Tuned,


All the Best.




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  1. Love it bro! Brings back the good memories of #AKAAF. Looking forward to more posts. Bagram was a breeze and you were a part of that. Thanks.

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