Walk and Think Video Debut: Origins of Operative A

What’s going on Walk and Think audience?

A here, with some exiting news.

I just opened up another avenue for Walk and Think to expand, grow, and evolve.

The Walk and Think Army is now on YT!

Of course, this site remains the main focus and center for the heavier content.

The video channel will just be a satellite site of the Walk and Think dot com giant.

Everything will revolve around WaT, like the a moon around a planet, and I will post all my content here, first and foremost.

(which is why I run the email list through this site, to send out content to people, asap. See sidebar menu)

Now, let’s talk about the video above.

#1. You see a lot of climbing here, which is technically classified as “Urban Adventure” or “Buildering”.

There are no homes featured in the video, these are industrial areas, during down hours. Aka: I’m not a dickhead and I don’t bother anybody. Pro Stealth/Urban Adventurers never do. Stealth is Skill, and nobody even knows I’m there.

As you can see, you need Vertical Pulling Strength. It’s a must have. No way around it. Do your damn pull-ups.

#2. There is no excuse not to try. No, I do not own a GoPro(yet, but soon. it’s on the list). I had content, and I wanted to film it. And that’s that. I found a way. I made a way. You know what I used?

I used and old bicycle helmet and duct tape.

I carved out the foam to fit and ancient digital photo camera, and jammed it in there. The thing was heavy and lopsided as hell, but it worked.

I also carried a ton of spare AA batteries, cause the camera would die – all the time. It’s is meant for photos, not video, however has a video option they just threw in there, and the feature inhaled batteries.

I think I went through something like 6 sets of batteries filming this. But it doesn’t matter. I had content to film, and now it’s up and available.

I got together my old cloth pack, threw in a water bottle, the helmet contraption, a sandwich, and walked to all my filming spots.

And now we have a video.

#3. Buildering Breakdown

In the video I do three buildering techniques.

The first is the climb-up, which is simply pulling yourself up and over a ledge.

Usually a 90 degree ledge on a brick or concrete wall. An over grip will allow you to transition from pull-up to dip mush easier and to top-out much easier, which is what is shown in the video.

The second is a medium pressure gas pipe, which is found on most industrial or large buildings.

There are sturdy as hell, you would agree if you’ve climbed one. There is no damage done to the pipe, or risk of the pipe breaking. It could probably handle 200lbs+ no problem.

No danger to this operative, at 170lbs bw in this video.

I have never had a medium gas pipe break, ever. Some thinner ones can be wobbly(rare), but nothing crazy.

The third, and last climb in the video is an Electrical Pipe.

Now you have to be careful with these. One, they are not that strong. I have had two come loose, and it is scary as hell. Really make sure it is sturdy before attempting anything.

I remember myself and Agent Ornery T were climbing something like a 3 story building, him in the lead, as it was his stomping ground, this operative following close behind.

We lived on opposing sides of town, he was an expert up north, everything down south was my jurisdiction. Depending on where the mission was, determined who would lead, and who followed.

On unexplored, new territory, the leadership was 50/50, because we needed 100% awareness and sense. We both usually just shut up and had eyes open and ears open.

This time around, on a multi level building, up north, we were buildering.

We were using two electrical pipes, one thinker one and one thin one, to double our safety.

Always go for multiple handholds/objects. I cover this here.

No problems, until we reached the very top. The bigger pipe started coming out of the wall, and became loose.

Scary as hell. I was already jacked up on adrenaline at this point and shaking, and that episode did not help my mental state.

We both made it to the rooftop fine, however took another route down, which was a bit trickier, though safer.

So watch out for those, as they can be flimsy. And if you EVER see any kind of wires sticking out, or touching the metal, well, you might get electrocuted.

Nothing else to say on that, be aware and be cautious. This isn’t a tourist attraction-type thing with velvet ropes that cordon off the dangerous areas.

If you get fried by an electrical wire, haha, that’s on you. I haven’t heard of any explorers going out that way though, only a couple of drunks(in Asia). Mainly just being cautious with the advice.

Hope you enjoyed the video, stay tuned,

Until Next Time, and

All the Best.



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