Were You Born to Write?


Would you make a good writer?

Would you be interesting to read?

Is it worth picking up the pen?

These are questions every author wonders about.

Unfortunately after formal schooling, many are hard-pressed to read, and even more so – to write.

School has always been a mandatory grind of pretending to give a damn about information that’s really for the birds.

All the highly successful people know this and self-educate.

So most people had a crappy start in writing.

But not all is lost…

If you posses some of the qualities below – you were born to write.

#1 Trait of Successful Writers: You read books from an early age.

And you stuck with it, reading a few books here and there into adulthood.

Why this is critical:

You will develop a style, a voice from everything you’ve ever read, subconsciously.

You will be more interesting to read, as you will pull bits and pieces from tens of thousands of pages.

Your diction, your style, your rhythm, your edge…

develop over time, reading other works and living life.

People will know and recognize your writing style.

It’s transparent.

Which is why it’s impossible to be fake on a long running blog.

Reading a lot, early on in life is everything.

Otherwise, you’re playing catch-up.

We’re not just talking about reading to have a large vocabulary.

In fact, that’s counter-productive.

In my opinion, using long words makes you difficult to read, and makes writing come off snobbish and try-hard.

Just get your message across. You don’t need to be fancy-pantsy about it.

This isn’t school, where you get super extra brownie points for using long buzzwords taught during class.

This is Creating. This is Art. Your Voice is You.

#2 Trait of a Born Writer: You have a creative mind.

You find normal life boring and mundane.

You want an adventure, some kind mission, a struggle between good and evil, not the nonsense haze of people’s vague opinions.

Sometimes your antics get you into trouble. Sometimes they don’t.

Basically, you are looking for an escape, a way to do something out of the ordinary.

Hell, Ray Bradbury was so bored of regular life, he watched movies everyday for several hours. Oleg Vorslav quit school, real quick.

Stephen King got heavy into drugs.

In fact many writers drink, to take the edge off, and just pour everything out unto the paper, and review it later.

It’s the same pattern.

If you are creative, if you find things people take seriously – funny as hell…

And if you don’t really fit in all that well…

My friend, pick up the pen, the world needs you.

#3 Trait: You’re Introverted: You can handle being alone for long periods – in fact, you enjoy it.

 Let’s break down what writing actually is, physically.

You’re sitting there, alone, for hours at a time, wearing out your keyboard.

Hammering out thousands of words, forgetting to eat, and slowly going a little crazy and more cross-eyed.

This much focused alone time would drive an Extrovert berserk, unless they are truly focused.

It’s refreshing for an Introvert.

Yes, we have the upper hand in writing, and here’s why:

We live inside our heads.

If you can take that atmosphere, and type fast enough to splash it out unto a notepad document, before it slips away from you – you just wrote a masterpiece.

It’s not easy.

But it’s not hard either.

It either flows, or it doesn’t.

Just depends.

#4: You’re Disciplined: You do what you need to do.

You’re not always going to want to sit down and write.

There will be distractions, there will always be something.

If you know how to manage your time, and optimize your day, as well as be disciplined enough to stick with something, after it loses it’s initial appeal…

You can write.

And if you don’t worry too much, you can write a lot.

Just know doing anything day in day out isn’t easy, even if the task itself is easy.

It’s the consistency that’s not easy.

And you’re not going to get better, unless you write some garbage first.

You’re not going to run a marathon before jogging around the block first.

So, become focused, have a routine, and function like clockwork.

Write regularly, but at the same time, never pressure yourself.

#5: You’re Computer Savvy.

Writing with a pen and paper is obsolete(except your journal), and here’s why:

It’s much slower than typing. You can type infinitely faster, even if you’re not skilled.

If you write a lot, you will become skilled at typing(promise).

It’s like playing the piano, on a keyboard.

You think and your hands do.

No weird disconnect between.

It’s like talking.

Also, digital formatting allows you to write a near infinite amount, where as you eventually run out of paper and have to flip pages, with old-school pen and paper.

Learn some very basic computer skills.

Its fun to figure out something new.

#6 Bonus Round: The Secret

You’re Selfish.

You probably write more for yourself, than the readers. You enjoy it. And if someone else gets a laugh or something useful out of it – all the better.

It’s a win/win/win situation for you to write, and you do it ’cause you want to.

I just cranked out 900 words before most everyone even got out of bed.


Cause I have a problem, that’s why.

I get these ideas in my brain, and they keep me awake, until I get up, shower, shave my face, pour some coffee, and hammer out a text document.

Sometimes I post, Sometimes I don’t.

Point is the ideas are there, and I enjoy writing them.

Getting back to the subject matter:

If you have the above qualities, there’s no reason not to write something here and there.

Go for a walk, an idea will come to you.

Sit down and write it out.

Who knows, someone might like it.

All the Best.



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