Feeling Lazy? Why You Should Never Worry About Having Low Motivation


You should never have to worry about motivation because:

You have motivation built in.

Some serious motivation is included, naturally, into every living thing.

But first, how do people lose motivation?

People lose motivation when all their needs are met.

When you have water, food, shelter, and company.

When you’re comfortable, you lose motivation.

After that, you get bored.

Then you create complexities in your life, to shake things up.

You get involved with a sports team and create rivalries.

You watch TV to get involved in the excitement and drama of other people’s lives.

You play video games to simulate having an objective and simulate progress(leveling up).

Maybe you buy a pet. A dog or a cat. Maybe you decide to have a kid.

There are all sorts of things you can do, to create complexities in your life.

But you can really just break it back down to the basics.

Lets look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:


(Image credit: Mr. Money Mustache’s Post)

Simply put, the longer you remain unmotivated, the lower down you move on the hierarchy.

Self-actualization deteriorates, then self-esteem. Relationships suffer. Then we get down to the real base needs, like health and sense of future.

Then physiological needs…

Air, this is free for us. Water you pay for, and it’s illegal to collect rainwater to sustain yourself. I steal water all the time, hiking.

If I can get it into my filter, then it’s mine. Too bad, so sad. But if you plan to use large amounts for daily showering… You need money to pay a utilities company.

Then there’s food. Unless you are very skilled in hunting, farming, and preserving food, you cannot sustain yourself without money.

So you have to buy food. I cannot hunt/fish/grow all my own food, so I have to buy it.

Hunger is motivation. In all the survival books, where the individual has access to water and builds a shelter, food is the very next priority.

When you have no food, you’ll get motivated real quick.

So, if you feel unmotivated, it won’t last for long.

It will last for as long as you can maintain your basic needs.

If you get lazy and become a slob, your partner will leave you.

So you just lost your companionship.

If you become lazy at work or business, you will lose profits and money.

There goes your rent and food.

If you get too involved with entertainment, your real life will deteriorate.

Any kind of lack of motivation will eventually come down to a lack of one of the basic human needs not being met, and you will get really motivated.

Hungry people will kill for food, now that’s motivation.

Some high level athletes feel a lack of motivation during practice.

Why should they wear themselves out, when they have enough money to sustain themselves?

On the other side of that, if you had someone who is in poverty, they would train day and night, would never even think about motivation or anything like that.(Like the Tarahumara who raced ultras for bags of beans)

A starving person would run and train from sun up to sun down for food.

Really, all motivation is: Survival. The basic need to survive. The will to live. That’s what drives us, and that’s what the money system exploits.

Now, I am not an anti-money guy. Money is a substitute for barter.

I would much rather carry around a plastic card than 15 live chickens(to trade at the market).

You just have to understand that, the value of money is decided by those who print it, and it’s purpose is to fulfill basic survival needs.

That’s where being frugal and minimalism comes in.

To get the most of the money, for your needs.

Luxuries are complexities, created for fun.

They are for status.

I read something interesting about status in The Millionaire Fast Lane:
Physical Health, Freedom of choice, Relationships.

Those are all the things you need to be truly wealthy.

However, man is called the “Homo Luden” or “Man the game player”

So we will always have the need for entertainment and fun.

It’s just wiser to choose activities that help you instead of harm you.

So, no need to worry about motivation or being lazy.

If you are unmotivated and lazy long enough, your food supply will go away.

And you will become hungry. After a while of not eating, your testosterone will increase.

Everything will start looking like food and you will become much more aggressive.

And that will continue, until you, once again, have a surplus of food, and are motivated… or you die.

These are very simple choices.

Well, that’s all for now,

Until Next Time, and

All the Best.



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