Are You a Product of Your Environment?


Does your environment create who you are?

The answer is yes, however it’s not that simple.

A negative one can force someone to change and strive to achieve more.

A positive one can foster success through peer support and examples.

So both a good and a bad environment can create a drive to succeed.


It seems like a lot of success stories come from an unfavorable environment, while many underachievers come from a comfortable one.

Not a highly successful one, but not a terrible one either.

If there is resistance in your environment, you will grow.

If there is peer pressure, you will grow.

If you are content and happy, you will not grow…

…or it will be much more difficult.

This is a problem that successful professional athletes encounter.

They don’t want to train hard during practice.

Really anyone successful encounters this.

They begin to lack motivation.

Why try, when you’re already set for life?

It’s what happened in Rocky III.

He got content. He became relaxed.

“You gotta be hungry!” – Les Brown

When you have nothing you are hungry.

You have to make a change, and you have the drive to do so.

When you are happy and content, you aren’t driven to extremes.

And extremes are what create progress.

Your environment, inevitably plays a role.

Whether it’s a positive or negative one, you must decide.

If you’re not where you want to be, consider moving.

If you’re bored and comfortable, consider moving.

If you’re in a rut, consider moving.

Relocation is a powerful tool.

Change your environment, so that it can change you.

Look for successful people in your business, and observe how they live.

If you are trying to accomplish something extraordinary, there will be no ready made environment for you.

You have to create one from scratch.

And that means you have to go it alone.

Figure it out as you go.

After a while, you’ll settle in.

Humans can get used to almost anything.

Any task, any environment.

Yes, eventually, your situation will improve, and once again, you will begin to feel comfortable.

When that happens, you have to dig deep, and figure out what drives you.

And nobody can tell you what that is but you.

Not me, not your coach, not anybody.

All the Best.





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